Online Applicaiton Form

Online Passport Registration at Indian Missions/Posts for NRIs Click here to fill online
Need Help  Download Sample Application Form for Indian Passport at INDIAN MISSION/POSTS Click here to download

Passport Application Checklist

Need Help with the Documentation- DOWNLOAD THE CHECKSHEET TO MAKE IT SIMPLE Click here to download

Nationality Verification Form

 Nationality Verification Form / Performa For Verification of Nationality / Personal Particulars Form

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 Need Help – Sample Nationality Verification Form

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Affidavit for Minor Application

 Affidavit of Applicant Parents for Passport for Minor Child

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Change in Appearance and Signature

Affidavit for Change in Appearance and Signature

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Affidavit for Lost, Damaged or passport expired for more than 6 months

 Affidavit for Lost/Damaged and Passport Expired for more than 6 Months

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4 Point Affidavit (For Houston Jurisdiction Only)

 4 Point Affidavit (For Houston Jurisdiction Only)

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